JR Woodward: Questions That Awaken a Leader’s Life — BCNN1 WP

As leaders in the church or marketplace, we are often and consistently bombarded by questions of all varieties. This can unintentionally create a modus operandi that we are to have all the answers to the most pressing questions. We become the all-knowing source for solutions. Slowly and subtly without us realizing, we forget to ask ourselves questions—the […]

via JR Woodward: Questions That Awaken a Leader’s Life — BCNN1 WP


Hi everyone, my name is Christian Adams. I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in sociology who is looking to be a career counselor. I want to help others find what they want to do, and show them how to get there. Building this blog has created the opportunity to reach out and help others in need of guidance. I feel you will enjoy the content I post on here. Happy reading!