What past mistake still haunts you?

via Question of the Day – No. 281 — Pointless Overthinking

Question of the Day – No. 281 — Pointless Overthinking

Some mornings you’ll wake up as fresh as a daisy. Sure there’s the initial grogginess where you press snooze (a few dozen times) however once you commit to living the day, you’re as chipper as a kipper. On other mornings, it’s like you’ve been in twelve rounds with a heavyweight boxer except his punches weren’t […]

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Lack of motivation – The inner battle — Motivation Station

Source:https://medium.com/ By:ConsciousEd Original article published by Rob Liu at https://conscioused.org/wiki/purpose-what-should-i-do-with-my-life/ I went to one of those personal development seminars once, and asked a barrage of questions: “Shut up”, the seminar leader said. “You already know all the answers inside. You’re just asking me for permission to do what you already know is right. You’re looking for […]

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What Should I Do With My Life? — Nerdome

Recently, I went down a rabbit hole of the Vedic type as one does when you’re working on Ayurvedic self-study. I found myself immersed in the Isha Upanishad, specifically focused on the ideas of Vidhya vs. Avidhya. Before going on, it’s important to briefly break down what each of these means in order to understand […]

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The ignorance within. — Drea Does Wellness