I once had a workmate whom the other coworkers regarded as strange. Not the kind of strange that you want to keep away from, but the kind of strange that is like daydreaming, partly immersed in his own reality, not caring too much to explain himself to the world. Like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. […]

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[Habits of Confusion] 3. Ignoring Intuition — Beyond The Dream

Book Review-Made in America by Sam Walton

Do you ever wonder about what makes a small business grow into a giant corporation? What is it that takes someone from such humble beginnings to having a massive amount of passive income doing what they love? Made in America highlights the story of Sam Walton’s life and how he took a loan given to him by his father-in-law and made billions of dollars with it.

Made in America was written by Walton at the end of his life. He used this as an opportunity to share his wisdom and what he learned throughout life with others. One of the biggest points he makes throughout this book is to never act like you are a big company, and to work with our employees to show them that we are on their side.

He also makes the point of ensuring that employees are happy-even more so than the customers. The reason he says this is because if your employees are happy, that means happy customers. It is similar to a chain reaction. Happy employees=happy customers=happy bank and investment accounts for the company.

Made in America by Sam Walton is a wonderful resource for anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the world of business or is interested in a funny biography that will lead to self-improvement. Do you ever wonder how to get someplace you want to go to faster? Learn from someone who has already done it! Happy reading!

We get thoughts that pop up in our head based on a memory. If your childhood was plagued by bad experiences of abuse, trauma, arguments and family violence, your brain became programmed to those negative experiences. The repetition and patterns of negative behaviors in a negative environment hard wired your brain to have recurring thoughts even as you get older. And since you get thousands of thoughts every day based on your experiences, you’ll sometimes get these negative memories creep into your headspace, reminding you of those bad times. These reminders can make way for unhealthy behaviors. This is partly the reason behind depression and anxiety because we create these unhealthy thoughts from our past which creates the depression, and we respond with fear and anxiety.

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What Are You Thinking About? Understanding how your thoughts can lead to depression. — Trigger Happi™

You left school with a solid understanding of the Pythagorean theorem, and you could probably recite a row or two of the Periodic Table of Elements in your sleep. But one thing you likely didn’t pick up in class? A personal finance lesson centered on home buying and the importance of credit. Ready to go […]

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Can You Ace This Mortgage Test Experts Came Up With? — PushUP24