Book Review-Social by Matthew D. Lieberman

Take a look at the people around you in your current life. How do they influence your behaviors and bodily movements? What characteristics do you pick up from their activities? And finally, do you feel happier when you are out socializing? Instead of interacting electronically (via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, texting, etc.), or being alone? Matthew Lieberman presents evidence from multiple generations in the book, Social, on why we are happier and more fulfilled when being around and interacting face-to-face with others who share our interests and values.

This book details the neuroscience behind social connections. We were born to connect with others around us, in order to help us find our place in this life. One of the big points Social advocates is the proven evidence that social pain, such as your girlfriend/boyfriend dumping you, and physical pain, are actually linked together. Scientists have found that an event such as being excluded from a social group or being dumped by your partner activates the same regions in our brains as if we broke a leg.

We are all very social creatures who need connection and companionship to others. In the past couple decades, human relationships have become harder to maintain. We now live in a world of around 7 billion people, which brings a paradox of choice of who to spend our time with. We also have come to rely more on technology for our communication, which makes social interaction more isolating. However, Social shows evidence of why interpersonal human connection is a neccessity for our mental health. It has also proven that interpersonal connections with others helps to keep our hearts stronger.

Social by Matthew D. Lieberman is a very important read for all of us. We all need to find ways to connect with others, because it is essential for our mental health. We need certain people to lead us and that we can be comfortable relying on. This book will really benefit you if you are someone who is looking to find how we are able to connect with others more, and if you are someone who enjoys the topic of social psychology. Happy reading!



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