Book Review-The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

Do you ever have those times that you are happier than usual? Not just momentary happiness, but the kind of excitement where you feel fulfilled for a longer period of time? As if what happened was actually supposed to happen, and you feel blessed and proud of yourself? The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt brings the science of happiness into a whole book of what we can do to sustain our happiness and fulfillment.

What Haidt advocates through the book is to spend more of our time and money on social activities. This means that those who we spend our time with will determine the kind of people we become ourselves. Spending more time with happier people who share the same interests and values will provide a much longer-term incentive than acquiring a new material possession.

Haidt details how taking responsibility for our lives and focusing on making the most of what we can have is what ultimately brings joy and harmony. We cannot control our genetic makeup, but we can take control of our daily activities and the people we do them with.

Ever wonder how to live a happier and more meaningful life? The Happiness Hypothesis highlights the research done on the subject. It is very important to have a social circle that is supportive of our goals and dreams. Evidence shows we must continue to grow as people, and to experience life events at an early age. This is because we never know how long we have to live. Also, scientific studies have shown that we learn from life experiences faster under the age of 30, because our brains start a process of ‘sealing in’ by the age of 25. Happy reading!



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