Book Review-The Evolution of Desire by Dr. David M. Buss

Do you ever wonder why we desire certain traits in the other sex? What makes certain traits about another person so attractive? You see a member of the opposite sex or the same sex in a group of people, and they seem to just stand out from the rest. The Evolution of Desire, written by Social Psychologist Dr. David M. Buss from the University of Virginia, provides the scientific evolution behind our lustful desires in other human beings.

Throughout the book, Dr. Buss presents us with what makes a woman want to mate with a man, and a man to mate with a woman, as well as LGBTQ+ couples to mate with each other. It has been found that one who carries masculine traits is more likely to desire someone with more feminine traits. Men have historically been more attracted to the physical appearance in a woman, while women are more prone to gravitate to men with social status. Dr. Buss details the kind of physiology that men are drawn to, while presenting which couples are more likely to end up together.

Men with less social status are more likely to end up with women who are not deemed as ‘attractive,’ while supermodel-level women are likely to end up mating with men containing high social status. So any guys who wonder why their girlfriend walked out on them, or are looking to attract a potential girlfriend, The Evolution of Desire provides historical data on what makes these relationship shifts happen.

I would highly recommend The Evolution of Desire to anyone who wants to learn more about the psychology behind human mating and relationships. Why are certain people attracted to certain identities and traits? This book provides the answers behind the research going back thousands of generations. Happy reading!



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