Documentary Review: The Secret

Do you ever drive by a neighborhood full of wealthy people, and wonder what makes them have all they do? Do you ever wonder how someone can easily attract the mate of their dreams? The Secret is what has been kept away from the middle class population until the information age clouded upon us. The establishment of the information age by the early 1990’s paved the way for more people to become entrepreneurs and have access to the knowledge of highly successful people. We used to have to know someone in order to find out their ‘secret’ to having what we want out of life. With mounds of information published on the internet in this present day, we now can turn our lives around in a much shorter time than we used to.

All successful people share one thing in common: it’s knowledge of the ‘secret.’ They know how to use the law of attraction to acquire what they want. The Secret stars well-known names such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, and many others! Throughout the film, they all share what they do in common among one another to push for what they want. They have a narrow focus for the goal they work towards. They also focus on what they do want, instead of what they do not want. Ever wonder why someone who looks for a relationship that is not abusive, but continues to get what they have in the past? The universe only hears ‘abusive,’ and that is what they continue to receive. Saying that you want a loving relationship instead would send a more clear signal to the universe to provide what you want.

Successful people also use visualization to attract what they want. In this case, they act and feel as if they already have something. What does help our vision is either taking a test drive of our dream car, or going to a open house for our dream home. Allowing ourselves to physically be in that position helps fuel our drive and makes us feel as if we already have what we want. We are also able to discover more of what we want by trying out different things. For example, touring a number of homes in a day helps us distinguish one home over the others. We never know exactly what we want until it hits us right in the face.

The Secret is not an academy award winning documentary, but some points made by the narrators do have great value. The one that stuck out to me the most was acting ‘as if’ we already possess what we want. To expect it, and have an exact, clear vision for our lives. You cannot chase two rabbits and expect to catch both, and probably not even one. Another trick that really got my attention was to not think of what I do not want. It is to be clear on exactly what I want, whether it’s my career, financially, personal relationships, and health. I would highly recommend watching The Secret to anyone who is looking to achieve more results in a shorter amount of time. Thanks for reading!

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