Book Review-The Purpose Driven Life by Dr. Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life by Dr. Rick Warren is a wonderful book for anyone who is interested in learning about God’s purpose for us on this Earth. Warren teaches us that it is not about our own fulfillment and pleasure, but about what we can do to serve our creator. According to The Purpose Driven Life, we will never understand life until we know that only God knows whats right for us.

Warren advocates that all of our possessions are not actually ours, but are property of God. Understanding this will help us grow closer to our creator. He reminds us that we are here to serve our creator and are created for his pleasure. Little things that drive us, (not survival tactics, like money) such as recreational activities, may be clues provided by our creator that lead us to our purpose. However, Dr. Warren shows us that it may take longer than we expect to get to where we need to go. This is most likely God’s test for how bad we want to actually make him happy.

The Purpose Driven Life shows us exactly how to do that in the mission of doing what we are supposed to do in this life, throughout this book. Many points made by Dr. Warren opened my eyes to new possibilities on ways to get where I want to go. I thought I would have been way further ahead in the game of life to this point. Do any of you reading this feel this way? The Purpose Driven Life shows us that this may be a possibility that God is leading us in a new direction. Happy reading!




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