Book Review-The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard PhD

The New One Minute Manager really helped me understand more of how to lead people and produce more results in a short amount of time. Dr. Ken Blanchard produces a story of a man that everyone in the workplace looks up to, because he is widely respected. Employees understand his time is limited, but also feel that they can approach him and receive an honest answer to an important question or problem. I now know how to have my point come across that is motivating to someone I am trying to persuade, thanks to The One Minute Manager.

One day, the young man comes into the One Minute Manager’s office to ask for advice on how to increase his work productivity. He is shown how to help others better themselves, because we all enjoy working for ourselves and containing a feeling of having our own business. The New One Minute Manager provides 3 secrets to helping your team members solve problems for themselves: one minute goals, one minute praisings, and one minute re-directs. Dr. Blanchard shows us how to find to support and encourage someone, while at the same time getting them on track for success.

The New One Minute Manager really helped me understand how to handle people when they may be stressed out. My life has benefitted a lot from taking just less than an hour to read it. My biggest takeaways was to always end a re-direct in a supportive way, in order to keep people from becoming defensive. Praising people for good work right away will help build their confidence to where they will solve problems for themselves. I really believe this book will benefit anyone, and believe you should at least look into buying it for your benefit. Happy reading!




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