Book Review-The 100-Yard Journey by Gary Pinkel

The 100-Yard Journey by former Toledo and Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel is about his extraordinary life and career in NCAA men’s football. Coach Pinkel shares many lessons and insights from what he learned throughout his career playing and coaching in college football. Many of these insights are lessons we can apply to our own lives. Coach Pinkel shares the commitment and hard work it took to bring programs such as Toledo and Missouri to the winning stages. Much of what Coach Pinkel shares is the knowledge from his mentor, University of Washington Head Coach Don James, during his time as a player and his tenure as an assistant coach.

The 100-Yard Journey goes into detail about Coach Pinkel’s childhood and how his parents raised him to always have integrity. He was taught to never speak badly of anyone and to put your hardest work and commitment into what you are supposed to do. This translated into his work on the sidelines at Washington, Toledo, and Missouri. It was common for him to spend nearly all his awake hours working in his office and preparing for the next opponent. By 2001, he was faced with the decision to either stay at Toledo, or move on to coach at Missouri, where it was considered impossible to win. Coach Pinkel was taught by his mentor, Washington Head Coach Don James, that where there is great difficulty, there is even greater opportunity. He remembered this advice and chose to take the Missouri job, even with heavy opposition from others. Through his leadership, Coach Pinkel built Missouri’s football team into a winning program by 2003. By 2007, Missouri would be ranked #1 for the first time since 1961.

I highly enjoyed The 100-Yard Journey by Gary Pinkel. This is a hard book to put down and I learned many things about what goes into building winning leadership and sports teams. Coach Pinkel exposes the relentless commitment it takes to earn respect of those who are helping you produce victories. He shares the patience and humility it takes to become a successful leader and coach. Coach Pinkel’s insights would benefit anyone who is looking to become a better boss, coach, mentor, and parent. Happy reading!



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