Book Review-Mindset by Carol Dweck

Mindset by Carol Dweck is an eye opening read that will make you make you rethink how you interpret each event in your life. Everyone should have a requirement to read this in school. Mindset contains information that is essential for succeeding in everything we do, such as in the workplace, our business, relationships, and our health. Throughout the book, Dweck advocates for us to see everything as a learning experience, and how to trick our minds into it.

Throughout the book, two mindsets are labeled for each person. There is a fixed mindset, where one may believe that their circumstances are unchangeable and that their abilities are fixed. A fixed mindset is a belief in not actually having to work at something, because you can only go so far with natural abilities you are equipped with. However, a second mindset, the growth mindset, is the belief in being able to develop talents and abilities at any time in our lives. It is the belief in working hard enough with enormous practice and continuous improvement in our work.

Mindset is a book that everyone should read. It really is an eye opener for anyone who is ready to challenge self sabotaging beliefs and have much more success in our lives. I feel very blessed to have found this book at a young age and still have enough time to implement the principles Dweck teaches us. Much of what Dweck advocates throughout this book is how we interpret certain events, such as receiving a rejection letter from an important job interview, for example. One with a fixed mindset will take it as if they are an automatic failure, while one with a growth mindset will see it as an opportunity to improve. I hope you buy this book for your benefit. You will be glad you did! Happy reading!




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