Book Review-One Last Strike by Tony LaRussa

One Last Strike by Tony Larussa is an incredible story of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals world series run. It was an amazing comeback by a team who never gave up when everyone counted them out at 10.5 games back of the Atlanta Braves with a month to go in the season. One Last Strike will make you feel as if you can come back from anything, no matter how far you may feel set back from something.

After a devastating sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers in St. Louis during late August, the Cardinals would go on to compile a 23-9 record the rest of the way. This would lead to sneaking into postseason play on September 30, the last day of the regular season, with an 8-0 victory over the Houston Astros and an Atlanta Braves loss. Larussa would refer to many of the lessons he learned in his previous 30 years of managing, as how to guide this team through the challenges that were faced during the season. In the National League Division Series, the Cardinals would go on to shock the Philadelphia Phillies by prevailing in 5 games, behind the shutout of Starting Pitcher Chris Carpenter in game 5. The Cardinals would then go off to Milwaukee to face the Brewers in the National League Championship Series. They would go on to beat Milwaukee in 6 games behind the performance of Third Baseman David Freese, who would bat over .450 in the series. In the World Series, the Cardinals would face the heavily-favored Texas Rangers. Third Baseman David Freese would go off to be the hero in game 6, with an incredible double to right field, then hitting the walk-off home run in the 12th inning. The next night, the Cardinals would prevail over the Rangers by a score of 6-2 to secure the franchise’s 11th world championship.

One Last Strike by Tony Larussa is an excellent read that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great story. I was absolutely blown away at Larussa’s knowledge and how he can explain managing a game down to a T. I was very energized when reading this book, as if Larussa was right next to me, teaching fundamentals of the game. One Last Strike includes insights that I never even thought of as a baseball fan. I hope you buy this book, you will learn so much from it! Happy reading!



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