My November 2018 Experience in Columbia, Missouri

I recently had a very interesting experience on a weekend trip to Columbia, Missouri. I went for a training for school, where it was for a two-day class at the University of Missouri to become a Certified Peer Educator. The class contained lots of interesting information, even though it was a lot to take in at first. It was almost kind of stressful in a way. But at the end, I was very glad I went.

When I arrived on the first day, it was a cold, late afternoon. We started class pretty quickly and was glad to make it there on time. I was able to meet some new people, which was pretty awesome. As I arrived at my hotel room, I sat down on my bed and relaxed in front of the television that had the Blues game on. Thankfully, the Blues won, which was very relieving. However, I decided to take a swim after the game, and brought some of my luggage with me. When I got done at the pool, my shoes were not where I placed them. I even checked with the hotel staff to see if anyone had turned them in. Turns out, someone actually stole my shoes! I was so pissed! I even thought about coming home that night! I literally wanted to kill that person who did it! Looking back, I realize it was silly to be that pissed off about it.

After running into Wallyworld with just socks on to pick up a pair of shoes, I headed straight to my second day of class. I was already mad about losing my shoes and missing the Missouri Tigers football game that day. We had a few group projects that were so confusing that I literally had to step out of the room and walk around. However, a duration of 10 minutes literally made the whole trip worth it. I met this lovely girl in my class named Bennie, as she invited me to do yoga with her group. This was during one of our breaks. The more we talked, the more I felt my confidence coming back to me. Once it got time to take our test, I had trouble connecting to the wifi in our room. After becoming frustrated, I was put outside where I was able to connect through one of the desktop computers. Even though I passed my test, I missed a chance at asking Bennie to do something later! I was so disappointed! I was so determined to get her contact information, because I really wanted to hang out with her later on. On the drive back home, I realized I was glad I went, because the instructors were very helpful through some of my difficulty. I also realized more of what I want in a romantic partner after meeting Bennie. Someone who is athletic, easy to talk to, fun, and one I can vibe well with. I wonder if I’ll ever run into someone like that again.


Hi everyone, my name is Christian Adams. I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in sociology who is looking to be a career counselor. I want to help others find what they want to do, and show them how to get there. Building this blog has created the opportunity to reach out and help others in need of guidance. I feel you will enjoy the content I post on here. Happy reading!