Book Review-Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees

Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees is an incredible story of coming out on top in the midst of hard times. We all know him as a very successful public figure and a star quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. However, he would not be here if not for the injuries he has overcome and the hardships he faced during childhood. Brees is an insipiration to not just the National Football League, but the whole community as well.

After suffering a nearly career-ending injury playing high school football in west Texas, Brees became a star quarterback at Purdue. He led the team to the Rose Bowl in 2000. Expected to be a top 10 pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, he slipped to 33rd overall in the 2nd round. San Diego Chargers Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer was really impressed with Brees work ethic to where the franchise decided to take a flyer on him. After sitting on the bench his rookie season, Brees would beat out Quarterback Doug Flutie during training camp for the starting quarterback position before the 2002 season. Flutie would give Brees the best advice moving forward: “never let your backup see the field.”

After a horrific shoulder injury in the 2005 season finale, the San Diego Chargers decided not to bring Brees back. He would eventually end up signing with the New Orleans Saints for the 2006 season, a year after the horrific Hurricane Katrina storm devastated the city. With his deep faith in God, Brees felt a calling to bring the Saints to a winning standard for the city of New Orleans. After spending 7 months rehabbing his torn rotator cuff, Brees led the Saints to a surprising NFC South Division title along with a first-round bye. The Saints toppled the Eagles in the NFC Divisional game, and rode all the way to Chicago to face Brian Urlacher and the Bears in the NFC Championship Game. Chicago would go on to prevail 39-14 in that game. The Saints would go on to make the playoffs again in the 2009 season, and end up victorious over the Indianapolis Colts for the first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

I highly recommend the book, Coming Back Stronger, by Drew Brees. It is a wonderful story filled with great life lessons. Everyone thought his career was over after the horrific shoulder injury, but he battled back to become one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. The help of his wife, Brittany, and his deep faith with God, helped propel him through some of the toughest challenges in his life. I learned so many things from this book that I was able to apply to my own life. I hope you buy this wonderful book, because it is a great story anyone can benefit from. Happy reading!



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