Book Review-Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Ever wonder why the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer? Rich Dad Poor Dad will show you why that is. This is the story of a boy named Robert who grows up and learns how to become rich from his friend’s dad. I found this book to be very helpful with my own personal life with managaing my finances and my productivity. It made me think a different way than from what I was taught growing up. Rich Dad Poor Dad was published to provide those with much-needed financial education that is not provided to us in by our parents and the modern school system.

Kiyosaki had what he called two fathers growing up, his ‘poor’ dad, who was his biological father. He then had his ‘rich’ dad, who was the dad of his friend, Mike. ‘Poor’ dad, as Kiyosaki called him, had always preached that our employer was responsible for our retirement and we were supposed to work for the same company until we die. However, Kiyosaki’s ‘rich’ dad introduced him to a different concept, that we should “mind our own business.” This is saying that building our own company, investment portfolios, and managing our own insurance is essential for surviving in today’s world. This book shows how to overcome the challenges facing us in today’s economy, with more companies cutting 401(k) and pension plans that most people used to live off of.

I highly recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their finances and learning how to invest themselves without the dependence of an employer. This book sparked my curiousity towards becoming an entrepreneur and learning how money works. Considering it has been historically known that our employer gives us security, Rich Dad teaches Kiyosaki at a young age that there is no such thing. Being an employee will only make us secure short-term, but becoming a business owner is the pathway to true freedom in the long-term. I am glad I read Rich Dad Poor Dad at the age of 21, and feel everyone should read this while they are in their 20’s and younger!



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