Book Review-177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class by Steve Siebold

I was introduced to this book by Steve Hagar, who is a Regional Vice President I had worked for in the past at a company called Primerica. This was the book he would read to our team during our weekly meetings. 177 Secrets Of The World Class by Steve Siebold exposes the facts of what makes certain people achieve much better results than your average joe. Siebold goes into detail with each principle about the mental cognitions and thoughts that empower those who go from being middle class citizens to the world class. I decided to buy a copy of my own to use as a reference, and have continuously read it since!

177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class gives great tools and information on how to do well for ourselves, as many of the principles were not taught to us in school or by our parents. Siebold understands that humans are driven through emotion, and not logic; as he shows us how to use our emotions to our advantage. ‘Champions,’as Siebold calls the world class, are the ones that put in more effort than anyone else. Champions are willing to do the things other people are too scared to even imagine. However, they know the big payoff at the end will be worth it. 177 Secrets Of The World Class makes us realize that one’s definition of success in the middle class is different from that of the world class, which separates the winners from the losers.

I really enjoyed 177 Secrets Of The World Class and the cited insight from some of the wisest people that have ever lived that Siebold provides. I highly recommend this to someone who is ready to take off in their business and personal life. After reading 2-3 principles, I would continuously find myself setting the book down and deep thinking about how I can apply these tactics to my own life. I will forever thank Steve for introducing this to me, and for the lessons I learned throughout the book. If you buy this book, it will be a big step towards transforming your life for the better! Happy reading!



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